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lunes, 16 mayo 2016

10 fotografías de viajes que te motivarán a irte ¡ahora ya!

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Viajar es algo que no todos pueden hacer al instante porque claro, se deben guardar algunas monedas para poder llegar al destino que uno quiere, pero más allá de eso a veces solo falta un empujoncito para ir. En las redes sociales es muy común ver imágenes de lugares que deslumbran a todos y es imposible no querer visitarlos, pero ahora podrás conocer impresionantes fotografías de viajeros que pasan sus días felices al aire libre.

Es tanta la belleza de los lugares que hasta te sentirás culpable por no estar viajando en este momento. Ente acantilados, playas, desiertos y montañas, podrás entender qué es lo que te estás perdiendo.

En solo 10 imágenes conocerás a distintos fotógrafos, entrenadores o instructores de yoga que comparten su vida en las redes sociales para que todos se motiven a moverse. ¡Ahora no podrás evitar sentir las ganas de tomar tu maleta e irte!

1. ¿Qué esperas para estar así de tranquilo?

Floating around like a lil jelly fish. @stugibson

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2. ¿Alguien quiere ir a la playa?

vashistasana ~ side plank ~ the key here is to move the front body in towards the back body (draw the navel towards the sacrum) and the back body towards the front body (the sacrum towards the navel) to find center ~ from center the side bodies can lengthen and open as the hips lift away from the earth, and the top arm reaches up ~ it is a great pose to help neutralize the spine between backbends or twists or forward bends when the spine needs to recalibrate itself and come to center again before carrying on. for these same reasons side plank is a good pose not only for transitions between other postures but to help you draw in during times of transition. though it appears to be a vigorous strengthening posture its actually more of a meditative pose once you have practiced it a number of times and can use it to reset yourself ~ for more good suggestions check out @colleensaidman post from friday

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3. Imagina que estarás en esa agua cristalina

There is a love inside your heart that is so deep, so vast, so profound… It could make the ocean jealous. This turquoise blue, sparkling ocean pales in comparison to the love that lies within your heart. It can move mountains. It can change the world. One day, it WILL change the world. The problem is this: we don't believe in it. Our minds trick us into thinking that we don't deserve it. That we're not worthy of it. That we are not good enough, smart enough, special enough, beautiful enough to be at the center of this unbelievable love. So we direct our attention elsewhere and eventually forget about our beating hearts and how badly it wants us to love and be loved. We forget, and the more we listen to the mind telling us what we don't deserve, the more we yearn for a love we no longer remember. Even though it's there in our hearts, every second of every day. We start looking all around, running in circles, trying to bring it back. We study and work harder than ever, without knowing what for. We manipulate and gossip, anything to stay ahead and come out on top, thinking the only way to be happy is material wealth and success. We make money so we can shop for things we don't need, we look ourselves in the mirror and hate what we see so we diet to lose weight just to to gain it all back. We watch reality tv, we drink, we smoke, we eat too much or too little and we stuff our faces with processed foods full of additives and hormones and then spend more money on medication to keep our bodies from keeling over. All of these things we do, trying to get the love we deep down don't even think we deserve. Why are we bending over backwards looking for love, destroying our bodies and our planet in the process, when all we have to do to find it is direct our awareness towards our very own hearts? When all we have to do is breathe deeper, sit in silence and remember? We must all return to love. It's crucial for the evolution of our consciousness and the urgent healing that's needed on this earth. You HAVE to remember that you are worthy of a love deeper and more profound than this ocean. Come back to your heart. Come back. It will change the world. #love #tb #life

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4. ¿Crees que un atardecer así te gustaría?

5. Hay miles de lugares por conocer


6. Y tú en casa sentado

@rebeccacusworth #mountaingirls #montserrat #caribbeanisland #caves

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7. Tus ojos no podrán más con las maravillas que verás

Screen shot 2016-05-16 at 16

Imagen: Instagram.

8. Estarás feliz de haber emprendido un nuevo rumbo

9. Solo falta que abras las alas….

When you have a whole lake to yourself… Dawn on Lake Lovely Water, up in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia

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10. ¡Y te dejes ir!

Tag who you'd explore with! Florence, Italy. By @sassychris1

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Por: Catalina Grez M.

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